Havok Offers Core Physics Software Free for PC Game Developers

Since I haven’t really started messing around with Physics yet I have no idea if this is a good thing or not but I thought I’d post here for the sake of discussion and what not.


Well, I really love the fact that Havok becomes free, since it is an awesome engine.

On the other hand, PhysX is free as well (only if you are fine with just the compiled libraries, that is) and Nvidia, who recently bought Ageia, is going to implement PhysiX calculation using their GeForce8 Chips.

This means that Intel, who bought Havok some time last year, just had to release the Havok Engine if they didn't want to loose most potential customers.

The free availability of both engines is a greatthing for indie game development in general anyway. It's just hard to choose between a great engine on one hand and hardware accelerated physics on the other.

Thinking about physics only I would probably vote for Nvidia's solution, but since Havok also features great character animations support (including an animation toolset, really cool ragdoll effects, smaller forces that are applied to characters for a short time (think non-lethal shots) and reacting to changes in the terrain), I'd much rather see that one incorporated into JME. :wink:

Note that it is only free for non-commercial use.

It's a race that I appreciate, being a poor programmer :slight_smile:

Well it might only be for non commercial use, but it means that you can evaluate the engine thoroughly. You could even release prototypes or build a nice portfolio without paying that big pile of money you don't have.