Heads up for wiki contributors

I’ve been fixing these as I move through the pages but to let those who are editing wiki know, every image link has a typo in the width attribute where width is spelled with.

Probably a conversion error.

So if you see one just letting you know it should be corrected.


oh god…
Thanks for your work. It’s really appreciated :wink:

Not have much knowledge using git.
but the here should be a way to auto fix it running some kind of git command I think ? @nehon

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Well I guess there is no need to involve git, a big fat search and replace with any editor should do it.

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Wow I just pulled the wiki, I didn’t realize the extent of your work, both of you.
Thanks a lot guys!!

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Glad to help.


found 330 occurence.
I hope I didn’t break anything :smiley:

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The broken width element just gets skipped so the image still loads at its actual width and height.