HeapSpace Error with Scenecomposer

i have a problem with the Scene Composer.
I try to build a simple little Map with a few Blender objects.
But after i put some objects into the Scene Composer I get a Java Heap Space Error.
How can i fix that or what am i doing wrong?

And when i build a second floor (you can see it in the picture) The player can’t jump on in and is stuttering.

I hope someone can help me, thx :slight_smile:

I also tried to run the project with

it did not work

Do you get an actual heap or a direct memory error?

I am sorry that i have to ask this, but i don’t now the difference.
The error occur in jMonkey (u can see it in the picture). So i think it is actual heap?

Try changing the heap size in the SDK config file: