[ Heart of Oak ] Introduction

Hello folks, I feel I’m ready to tell people about my game:

Heart of Oak

Game type:  Simulation/wargame

Links:  www.richitis.co.uk/HeartOfOak

Recruiting  Not actively, but open to offers

Status:  Active


A simulation/wargame of naval warfare in the Age of Sail. Players take on the role of the captain of a ship (or commodore of a squadron, or admiral of a fleet) in a series of historical, or hypothetical, battles.

See  www.richitis.co.uk/HeartOfOak for more details and screenshots.

Used API’s:


Active Members:

Me - richitis

That looks really interesting. There should be more games in this vein!

Good luck with it, I'll be very interested to see how it turns out.

very nice  graphics ! keep it up  :smiley:

Looks very good… looking forward to playing it :slight_smile:

Added it to the projects listing.

That looks great! Can't wait to take it for a spin  :smiley:

Nice work!

The graphics are very nice for a one-man project, and i like the concept of the first person view on board.

Great, very interesting. I have started a similar project with naval warfare, but with a different gameplay. I hope you will release it soon.

clwillingham said:

i have a feeling this project is inactive :).

Not quite! It has just been caught aback, but has now paid off and is gathering way again... In fact there is even a possibility it will be finished (and published!) in the not impossibly remote future.

I'll post some updated screenshots and stuff when I get a chance.

thats great!

but if you need any help, i'm here. i can also be a beta tester or UML designer (Unified Modeling Language: a type of graphical pseudo code language that really helps show the flaws in program structures).

is it still using JME1 or has it already been upgraded.

it would really be nice if you could post an alpha or beta release. from the screenshots, it looks like its already built up enough for a beta test.

i have a feeling this project is inactive :).

but i was wondering, would is the code public anywhere? it looks like a cool game and i was wondering if it would be worth trying to upgrade it to JME2. i was thinking of making a game like this one when i found this hidden in the current projects list. i like the concept a lot.

it seems a shame that this project never continued. if the code is available, i would be happy to bring it back to life.

Certainly a lot of work has gone into it already, so it would be really nice if something could be released. If you haven't sent him an e-mail already, that would be the way to go :slight_smile:

OK its been almost two months now.

is there still progress?

where you going to post any new screenshots?