Height of Terrain


I got a Terrain Quad, and want to add Trees and Plants on top of it. My problem is that i cannot calculate the position where i should place the models, they are always either under the Terrain or way above it.

[java]tree.setLocalTranslation(50f,terrain.getHeight(50, 50),50f);[/java]

terrain.getHeight(x,z) always seems to return 0.

Any advice how to obtain the height of the Terrain at a specific point?

u can use ray collision, take a look on TestTerrainCollision

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getHeight() has recently been fixed, so if you grab the latest update it will return the proper heightmap value.

Now this is the heightmap value, and not the actual height: it doesn’t take into account scale.

So as Setekh suggested, use ray collision for the most accurate height value.

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Thanks, ray collision is working fine :slight_smile: