Heightmap Edges tapering off on two sides

I am using a abstract height map loaded from a simple array, I am not 100% sure where this is being executed but on two sides of each height map the edges go to the ground, is this done by my height map? or the abstract heightmap interface? or am i just missing something.

Code available upon request.

I have found that any problems I had with edges of heightmaps were caused by borders in the image. Some programs will add them unless told not to.

Edit: If they are dropping edges to me it sounds like a shadow border of some kind where rising borders are usually white.

I did some research and found that this guy had the same issue, but the post did not seam to be much help: Image Based Terrain Problem

Hey, Found a fix! I forget what I was using before but it only allowed for sizes based on a certain equation, causing the map to be limited to 65 in size when my height map was 64, but the TerrainPatch class allows for 64 in size instead, and asside from some spacing issues the problem in the OP is gone :slight_smile:

Hope this helps someone one day :slight_smile:

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A similar issue used to happen in the sdk when trying to make edges of the terrain higher/lower (using the terrain editor). Iā€™m not sure if it was fixed, but it was definitely annying.