Heightmap levels

Hey there. Quick question: Are heightmaps in jme3 limited to 255 height levels or can there be more? In Hello Terrain it is mentioned that for “a real game” you would want more complex and smoother heightmaps… “that contain hundred thousands to 1 million height values”. By using grayscale 255 the terrain is terrible jagged, like staircases everywhere, and that’s simply not the result I want. Up till now I’ve handcrafted the terrains in blender and converted them to j3o which of course gives exact results, and to my liking. Recently I’ve realized though that the converter is unable to convert meshes with to many faces (130k faces was way too much and did not work). But if heightmaps are limited to 255 levels this is the method I’ll keep doing, I’ll just have to find the maximum amount of faces the sdk can handle.


you can use a 16bit grayscale image instead for more detail. Or draw the terrain in the sdk

Right I’ll try a 16bit image.

The editor in the SDK is not bad, it’s just that it’s too limited (and unfortunately insanely slow on mac) for me. That’s why I want to sculpt my terrains in Blender where I have total control. As for now, the results are much better with the SDK editor, but that workflow is as I said to slow and limited for me. So I’ll keep tweaking with blender for the moment.

One question on the sdk editor. What happens if I want to expand my terrain? Do I have to create a new terrain from scratch with the bigger size?