Heightmaps... Please help!

Hi guys,

I have two questions about height maps. Hopefully they’re both simple(ish) !

I am hunting around for a decent heightmap editor. I’ve been pretty unimpressed overall, and would quite like to use Blender as I like some of the features it’s offering, and am getting reasonably acquainted with it now.

Question 1: Has anyone used Blender for heightmaps in JME before? Can I (should I) use the HottBJ exporter? Basically, question 1 is: Is this an acceptable solution? If anyone can reccomend a decent heightmap editor (one that will let me paint in paths), then I’m all ears!

Question 2: I’m playing around with the regular HeightMap classes in JME. I can see that TerrainPage can split the terrain into 4 (right?). But still, I’m left with many thousands of triangles. Is there a way to break this limit down further? What’s the best way to optimize my heightmap once I get it into JME?

I snow now see that there’s about 4 questions there. I suppose you could say they fit in to two categories.

Any answers will be read intently  :)

Can no-one help me  :frowning:

I use blender as heightmap editor! It is ok for user generated terrains. But if you want a realistic one

you really should think about let it generated by a tool. (Don't know any…beside terragen,that i never used)

In blender the proprtional function is y

You're a good man, thanks for your help  :smiley: