Hello animation troubleshooting


i’m a beginner with jmonkeyengine and i’m currently trying to go through all the tutorials. I’m actually stuck to the exercise of the Hello Animation one. I’d like to add a new trigger associated with another animation (pushing). So i have created a new channel for the new animation, a new trigger etc…

Everything seems to work pretty well but the weirdly, the “moving” animation (the first one i have implemented) is now “slower”…

Here is how i manage my channels :


control = player.getControl(AnimControl.class);


channel = control.createChannel();


channel2 = control.createChannel();



and actually, removing the “channel2.setAnim(“stand”)” remove this “slowing” effect on the walk animation (channel2) but the game crash when i try to run the animation… and i’m to able to figure out why…

Here is my wall code: http://ideone.com/VOALl

Thanks in advance for your help!

What is the error you are getting when it “crashes”…

Also i’m not sure why you are making 2 channels… if you split channels it means you want to associate some bones (like the upper body) with on channel, an the other bones with another, you declare two channels but don’t split any bones, so i’m not sure why you are trying to run both… This could result in the one “slowing” the other because to animation channels are trying to operate onthe same bones