Hello assets tutorial -> engine does not load from "assets" automatically anymore

Hello everyone,

I was going through Hello Assets tutorial at


I noticed my textures can’t be found. In debug I noticed only classpath locator is used and it cannot load from assets directory, in contrast what tutorial actually says that it can.

I got it working by adding

[java]assetManager.registerLocator(“assets”, FileLocator.class.getName());[/java]

So is tutorial oldish and auto loading from assets isn’t supported automatically in new versions?

I have “Running on jMonkeyEngine 3.0.0 Beta” … (nightly bins for IDE, ~2 weeks old)

You need to add the jme-test-libraries to you code.

no, I’m not trying to load the examples from the tests, just trying to load my jpg from assets directory (“assets/Textures/map.jpg”)

project structure is

MyGame - (a eclipse project dir)






I think I already regret picking JME :expressionless:

please someone from community convince me not everybody is like this …


“wezrule2 became a registered member 1 day, 22 hours ago”

oh nvm, it’s just a random asshole that will get filtered out eventually

Actually I’ve a sneaky feeling he’s been around longer than you might think :wink:

The problem is you’re giving partial, incomplete and incoherent information. Read the How To Get Answers, Please Read This link to the right.

You need to be clear. What environment you are using (for example you mention eclipse but only in your second post, you say about the tutorial which is generally inside the SDK, etc).

  1. What you are trying to do.
  2. What is failing


    The assets tutorial works, at least within the SDK, as I’ve been through it and it worked for me. Most likely your Eclipse project isn’t set up quite right.

The tutorials clearly state when and how the assetmanager can access stuff, the eclipse setup page also explains this again. :facepalm: :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry zarch, I though I was clear enough… provided code and conditions, links and version.

ah so this is eclipse specific thing…

ok, my fault obviously, as I expected Java code provided is just code and it will work. Thanks normen for mentioning eclipse tutorial, It got me to look at it again where it says I need to add “assets” to classpath. Everybody can absolutly :facepalm: as long as you have something helpful beside it :slight_smile: