Hello Can Someone Help me?

Hello im new to JMonkey and i wanted to make a game… i was wondering if someone could help me do the coding ive done some of the tutorials but i belive i cannot understand more unless i have someone who can correct me / teach me the proper way to do it… i need anyone who is experienced in making a game please help me… you can help me at any given time…

msn - kinggebbo@hotmail.co.uk

if you post some more specific questions like "how do i make <blahblahblah>?" then we might be able to help.

you can also try to modify the tests which come with jme in order to understand better how jme works.

true lol but im a visual learner and it would be more helpfull for me if i can start with someone… to just get like the basic login of a char e.t.c  :smiley:

gnhhh. "visual learner" :slight_smile:

you could viszualize your questions, make some sketches and post some images :stuck_out_tongue:

besides that i don't have a msn account (and don't want one) :stuck_out_tongue:

you could still try the irc channel but iirc there's not much action in there.

good point…maybe we(meaning I) should start hanging there more, or at all…

i would hang in there if anyone would say anything :slight_smile:

ok ill try visualising… do you have any links to like a basic project i can modify maybe one with login or map or one with all in like a source file that i can open and experiment on… anything thats good for a beginner please…

don't get me wrong but:

  • login to what?
  • what kind of map?

    if you just want to learn using jME i'd still suggest you play around with the tests. if you already have something specific in your mind, then write it down (like in "i want to make a game with the following features: …") and find out what the (more or less) exact tasks are. then ask your questions.

    most jME projects are non-commercial and not finished. check the showcase part of the board. you might find some links to some projects to look into.

    …and don't give up :wink:

oo ok sorry i wasnt being specific…

Im trying to make a multiplayer adventure game with ghosts monsters samurais and stuff not gonn go in detail with that… anyways i wanted the user to start to start off at a title screen where they pick new / load game then it would take them to a 3D map where they would start their quest buy weapons e.t.c… ive got 3D studio Max so i can make the maps and models just need the coding…

I wanted to know how to make the user start off at the title screen and click new a pop up would come up and ask them if they wanted to make a new character… the information will be saved in a text file or a database of some sort for later use of loading. and have a user interface at the top of the screen which shows their health and other stats… also an Interface which shows what they currently holding in their inventory example: gun…

but i guess i shoulda posted this in the first place…


that's better :slight_smile:

now did you do the HUD tutorial and did you look into one of the available GUI libs (for the startup screen)? you could try fenngui or swing directly (because the other two are currently broken - i'm currently trying to fix one of them)

hmmm… im looking for tittle screen cannot find it o-o

yeah if only i was good at the coding instead of that… (* trying to find title screen tut / src in libs * )  :?

ive got 3D studio Max so i can make the maps and models just need the coding..

that sounds like our artists at work, reducing us programmers to nothing *s* 

by title screen i suppose you mean a main menu or so.

that would bring you back to the GUI part :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah i guess it would… because i want it so you click on it then it brings pop up which you then type your name and login to the world…

hey StarFox have you done a programming project before, or is this your first one ?

Yes ive done programming before i used to code with byond DM coding but it was limited and its only 2D which i no longer wanted to do but…

>>>>>>>>>>>>> BYOND CODING <<<<<<<<<<


i must admit i never heard of byond before. it looks interesting but i'm not sure it counts as coding :stuck_out_tongue:

just kidding. are you familiar with java and OOP in general? because if you're not so good at that you should first improve your knowledge in this area first. i don't want to sound like a smart ass so please don't get it wrong :slight_smile:

Im familar with java been working on it for a bit… i know all the basics that a beginner should know done a loada tuts trying to learn new things… the thing is i dont know how to link one file with coding to the other and with this run tutorials from the jme lib… if only

do you have the source of jme (CVS or nightly build)?

and i don't understand what you mean by video tutorials. jme is basically just coding. nothing very visual. there are no visual editors out there except monkeyworld3d (which afaik isn't yet ready for creating games)