Hello, some basic question

Hi forum,

just to say, I worked already with Java3D and now for performance reasons I am passing to JMonkey  :mrgreen:

  1. My first question is related to Alpha Image mapping, pratically I am a bit disoriented respect to the J3D combination of TextureAttrbutes and TransparenceAttributes for obtaining an alpha image fx.

    How can I apply an aplha image glow (png) on a quad behind a sphere, I need to make some fast effect like sphere glowing but when I attach the texture to quad I see no alpha fx applied.

  2. Question regarding animation, in J3D there are a lot of animation Rotator, Translator and so on, but above all a path traslator. What is the correct way to obtain animation in JME? I can use only pure internal threads without worry?

    Tnx for you great work

    P.S. another question, what's the difference between JMonkey and Ardor3D?

or <shameless plug> have a look at some of the scene worker videos…

all done in jme and they seem to cover alot of what you are talking about…


P.S. another question, what's the difference between JMonkey and Ardor3D?

This page http://www.ardor3d.com/content/ sums it for you.

welcome …

  1. take a look at BlendState and RenderQueue(s)(Modes)
  2. SpatialTransformer and CurveController with diverse Curves (BezierCurve, CatmullRomCurve, …) can help you out there

Tnx, please another question  :stuck_out_tongue: there are some tutorial illustrating the RenderQueue?

did you check the wiki?


The (incomplete) userguide covers many areas of the engine


Only some word about SceneWorker: it rocks!  :mrgreen: