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I play a game called Roboforge. Some of you may have heard of it, or even played it earlier in the decade… its a robot creation and combat game, written entirely in Java (back when using Java for serious 3D games was a nightmare.)

The game went bust for various reasons, but several old-timers successfully lobbied the owners to release the source, in a limited fashion (non-profit open source license, except for the owners, who can do as they will with it, and all the attendant legalese.) I was wondering if an experienced coder could take a cursory look at the project, and let us know if JME would be well suited for this type of game.

We want to update the graphics and be able to modify gameplay significantly, but we are hindered by lack of documentation and experienced coders… we have a handful, and are extremely grateful for their time, but they have lives and careers, which has led me to approach different coding communities in search of a well documented, modern, and impressive game engine which we can convert to. JME is my first choice, for the obvious reasons… as far as I can tell, JME is the state of the art for Java game design. I had thought to convert the project to Python, however, the difficulties involved in fullscale conversion across languages has led me to JME, and thus far, I think it will be a good decision.

Blatant flattery aside, here are the relevant links, in case anyone is will to take a look :wink:

Forums - http://www.roboforge.com/phpBB2/

Source Code - http://www.roboforge.net/source.htm

Thanks in advance for any comments, and I look forward to learning the ropes around here. The water demo alone left me speechless, and the apparent ease with which a project framework can be built.

If nothing else, give Roboforge a try! It’s definitely a game that will appeal to programmers, as you can customize your own AI, and also to designers. Be sure to check out the tournaments and challenge rooms.

Conversion to a modern engine, along with the design changes that have been proposed, promise exciting new possibilities and a unique gaming experience, which not many games can put claim to.

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They don't add even the simplest documentation to the code!!! :x If you ask me, it would take weeks for a person to just delve what on earth is going on in this code. It is definitely not very friendly.

It has hundreds of files… You mentioned you have some programmers helping you, so maybe you could give some pointers to where to start understanding this hydra?