I just wanted to say hello, and let everyone know how much I appreciate jME and it's community. A few weeks ago I found an article about building an RPG in a week ( http://www.gamedev.net/reference/articles/article2259.asp ).  While it's not jME related, it inspired me to start making games again. And made me realise that I don't necessarily need a team of developers, and bottomless bank account. I just need to start doing it. Well, to make a long story short: After brain storming for awhile on what exactly I wanted to achieve with a game (mmorpg-ish), I ended up deciding to try out Java (as opposed to C++ or Python) for various reasons. Then I managed to workout a crude implementation of a server persistence app (well, the start of one anyway). Here's where jME comes in, I started looking for game engines to use for developing the client app., and behold! jME came decending out of the clouds with a bright shining light. After spending a few days reading some topics of interest on this forum, getting jME w/physics installed, and running though the tutorials, I've learned more in the last few weeks from the jME community than I can express.  I haven't run into any problems I  couldn't find an answer for (though tutorials, or forum).  I've also ditched my server app in favor of Project Dark Star (well, I plan too).

~ dean


Always nice to have new members… welcome  :slight_smile:

Prepare to clash swords with the frog on the topic of project DS 


That article is pretty cool - I liked the Lessons Learned in the postmortem the best, as some of those are things that are easy to forget, but very necessary (Get the Game Playable as Fast as Possible, feature-creep, etc).

Prepare to clash swords with the frog on the topic of project DS

Poor guy...you just wished a plague of frogs on him...  When it comes to this point, hopefully some of those lessons learned will drive the decision  ;)


This is your first post, how could you have asked questions on the forums? Lol. Btw, JGN is probably what you want to use for networking, it integrates nicely with jME.