HelloAnimation Example Resources Error

I can’t download the resource xml file for the HelloAnimation example posted on the jmonkeyengine site.

  1. That’s an error.
    The requested URL /svn/trunk/engine/test-data/Models/Oto/ was not found on this server. That’s all we know.

I know how to animate my model, but there seems to be something I am missing. Best I can tell it has something to do with naming my animations. I can’t find any blender documentation on it. I have seen videos of people naming animations in the dopesheet, but I don’t know how they do it or how to create more animations once I am finished. This a blender problem, but since all the sample models I download are in .j3o, or .xml format it remains extremely elusive. Here is where I am.

Oto is part of jme-test-data.jar which is distributed with sdk. I don’t know if it could be found anywhere else.

I downloaded and installed jmonkeyengine 3.0. It isn’t anywhere in the installation directory. If it is is somehow embedded in a .jar file I would still have the same problem. I can’t open it in blender and use it as a reference. (I would like to see the essential components an animated blender model should have before it is exported to a .scene file.

Well, that’s an understandable desire. I don’t even know how Oto was made (might have been made via 3DS Max or Maya). Only of Jaime model I know for certain with which 3D modeling tool it was made (Blender) and by which person (nehon). You will find such problems with other TestXYZ.java and with some wiki articles (btw, read the one about how to export from Blender - it’s quite good). But I too think that the docs could be improved a lot - it’s just that nobody likes to write them and here it’s the people who decide what they like to do or not in their free time after work. :slight_smile:

You can download all JME Resources from Github page

Edit: Fixed download links and made a PR