HelloCollision town materials not loading?

Hello I would like some help as i am following the documentation. I am on the beginners tutorial 9: HelloCollision. All the code from the tutorial is in my class file, and the example town.zip is in my project directory, but when i try to build and run the project, all I can see the blue ‘sky’, and the black shapes of all the buildings and geometries, but no textures. I’ve tried really hard to suss out what is going on, and i have barely modified the code, only to change the package line and public class line.

P.S, the beta is great! The new blender importer is very convenient. Thanks.

You have a light in your scene?

In the code i have this:

private void setUpLight() {

// We add light so we see the scene

AmbientLight al = new AmbientLight();



DirectionalLight dl = new DirectionalLight();


dl.setDirection(new Vector3f(2.8f, -2.8f, -2.8f).normalizeLocal());



And that method is actually called in simpleInitApp()? And another thing, does your graphics card support OpenGL2?

I dont think so, when i was using the alpha i had another distribution of linux, when i loaded up jmp it got a few error messages and the openGL window would not open, but i could still run this project. Now I am using another distro, arch linux, after i installed it i downloaded jmp and the beta was out, the openGL window just worked. I am using something called the nouveu drivers, a set of open-source drviers for Nvidia cards, perhaps i ought to switch the official Nvidia ones?

Yeah, might be, I don’t know… Theres just too many parameters on Linux :confused: Good to hear that the OpenGL window is fixed on a system where it would not work before though :wink:

ok, ill try installing the nvidia ones, thanks for the help and all :smiley: