HelloInput etc. inside library jars break tutorials

Hi there,

I have just installed jMonkeyPlatform Alpha-1 and have been playing with it for a couple of hours.

I am really impressed with the platform itself.

What I am not impressed with:

  • trying to run the test suite crashes the IDE with an OutOfPermgenSpace Exception, so I had to find a config file and add the JVM parameters to fix it. (This might have something to do with my installation being 64 bit)

  • using jogl renderer does not display anything meaningful

  • building HelloInput.java according to the instructions works. However, trying to change it, or debug it, will cause a lot of frustration, because apparently all the test files also exist inside the jmonkeyengine.jar (Is there a good reason for that, btw?). Those are the files Netbeans calls, when you call "new HelloInput()" in HelloInput.main(), so none of the code changes done by the user (the experimentation he is encouraged to do at the end of the tutorial) will apply. Trying to debug the problem fails with a confusing error message (Netbeans' fault, not yours, but a good reason NOT to have Tests in your production JAR file…)

    Could the Platform Alpha-1 download be updated, btw? It is really broken (at least on Windows 7 64 bit) and might deter users from exploring the platform further.

    Despite all that, jMonkeyEngine is an amazing platform and I am looking forward to try to write a game with it.



Alpha-2 was just released :wink:




Oops, thanks for the heads-up. I downloaded Alpha-1 yesterday, and didn’t quite expect an Alpha-2 a day later :roll:

Some of the problems (notably the Hello*** ones) are still there in the nightlies though. I’ll re-install fresh with Alpha-2 and complain report anything new as I go along.



SpacedGuy said:
(...) I'll re-install fresh with Alpha-2 and complain report anything new as I go along.
Hah, nice one! ;D

Thanks for testing mate!

Where can I officially report this as a bug? –

  • Modifying Hello**** classes in the JmeTests project on JMonkey Platform has no effect

    Steps to reproduce:

  • Install jMonkeyPlatform Alpha-2
  • Create new JmeTests project
  • in jme3test.helloworld, HelloInput.java: change

        inputManager.addMapping("Left",  new KeyTrigger(KeyInput.KEY_J));


        inputManager.addMapping("Left",  new KeyTrigger(KeyInput.KEY_H));

    Right-Click the file, select "Run File".

    Note that the H key does nothing at all, while the J key keeps functioning.

    Reason: Netbeans IDE uses HelloInput class from jMonkeyEngine.jar file due to it being in the same package. Therefore, changing it in the Editor does not work.

  1. Test classes in the test project can not be modified.
  2. Tutorials will behave unexpectedly if the beginner uses the packages and class names provided in the tutorials (modifications will have no effect).

  • User-Level: rename jme3test package. Make sure that classes in it do not import anything from jme3test  package.
  • Developer-Level: remove jme3test.* classes from jMonkeyEngine.jar.

  • Use a smarter IDE?

You just reported it :). I was not aware of this and it seems to be a new bug introduced with the latest build scripts for java projects… At release time I guess we will remove the test classes from the base package, jMonkeyEngine3.jar will be put into "smaller pieces" anyway.