HellowWorld example crashes after a few seconds

Hmm… sorry, but I can’t give you more than the standard “update your graphics drivers”. If that doesn’t work you could try updating to Java 1.5.

Hope it helps


Updating java to 1.5 fixed the problem. I noticed in the getting started guide it recommends using java 1.4.2 which is the reason I installed 1.4.2 instead of 1.5. Maybe we should update this to say 1.5? Has anyone had any problems with 1.5 and jME?

im working with 1.4.2_04 and its running flawlessly here…

1.5 isn’t required yet…but that error is really strange.


Yeah it is really odd. I’m using the newest nvidia detonator drivers with my GeForce 4 ti4200. What kind of graphics card are you using? Maybe I just have an off hardware setup that caused the problems.

Are you sure you’ve got the latest tho? Cuz if I’m not misremembering I think the latest one is called ForceWare or something…

Oh yeah sorry … FOrceWare. DIdn’t notice they changed the name. But I did have the newest drivers installed since I just downloaded and intalled them yesterday.

Why should 1.4 have problems? Are you using cvs or a precompiled jar?

In my experience, even Java can have issues on certain hardware… usually you don’t see these except under extreme circumstances… such as trying to run 3d Java apps :slight_smile: Perhaps by using 1.5 they are able to skirt some particular issue on their local system with 1.4. Anyhow, as long as the latest one works…

I also happened to have the problem on mynew Dell 700m laptop which has an integrated intel graphics card. I had the problem when using the newest dell drivers but the problem went away when I updated to the newest graphics drivers AND java 1.5


Might want to mention somewhere in a guide to try 1.5 if you have problems

See previous thread for further info