Help getting started

Hi guys !!

My name’s Thomas and i’m a student in computer programming, i love Java and i think that i LOVE Jmonkey Engine !!

I’m starting to work on a MMORPG project and i did all the tutorials to know how to work correctly with Jmonkey, but i don’t really understand everything …

I saw a video on Youtube which is exactly what i want to get startedd for my project :

It is exactly what i am trying to do for the begging of the project.

I hope someone can help me, i mean about the way to work, should i create java class for terrain how to call it, what goes in my main method you know things like that …

Thanks a lot in avance and good day to everyone !


I think i need to tell you more especially what i am trying to do…

I want to create a terrain, then create a character and attach him to the terrain and make him walk.

I just don’t understand how to do that i mean which classes should i create, how to attach player to the terrain … It’s about that that i expected a little bit of help …

Thanks !!


Start here

Just do the tutorials, read the networking manual and then look at the source of the open MonkeyZone game and you will be able to do what you see in the video.

Theres lots of threads in the forum about doing MMO’s and I suggest that you target a smaller project first to get the basic ideas of game programming, creating a MMO can be regarded as one of the toughest things to do right because theres a whole load of small implications.

Thanks a lot for your answer, i think taking a look at the MonkeyZone source will be very helpful :slight_smile:

I think doing that after understanding the basics of jME even more so :wink: