Help, help - - well - wishers.Regarding Jme2. 0

Hello, due to various reasons, so I had to use the engine jme2.0. however, now basically no learning materials. If there is a learning materials: can you give me??? Thank you, learning learning jme2.0 engine?. help me to see, I used ogremax, will make good moving picture file model is derived for the x.scene skeleton.xml and mesh.xml, the key is how to become a type of file scene.xml! On the Internet to find any method, sweat… Someone to study jme2.0? Can you help me, thank you.emphasized text^ω^:sob:

this link might help you :

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Thank you very much for providing me with the information of JME engine 2.

I think you should switch to jme 3.1 , you will find a lot more informations.

why do you need to stick with jme2.0 ?

Yeah, JME 3 has every feature JME 2 has with better documentation and a larger community,why do you need JME 2?