Help installer crashes

I downloaded the one installer for 32bit, after executing it the following appear

I don’t know how to handle this please :pray: help :cry:

@Darkchaos might help

You can’t install it on a phone, or via ssh. it needs to be run locally or via some kind of remote-desktop on an operating system with a desktop environment installed.


you dont need SDK to run game, its only for help develop game. (and its not even required there too)

I has got an Android phone and want to develop with it
I was told it would work if I install the right bit
For my Android
Can’t it work for some reason

@Darkchaos Please help :pray:

You cannot install the SDK on a phone. It is impossible. You can only use a PC to develop games for android. You cannot do it on the phone itself.

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@jayfella thanks after further try
I got another error message
“the installer /x/ seem to be corrupted” why this message
Please :cry: :cry: :cry:

This is the third time I’ve told you it is impossible. You need a pc.

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Android system uses Dalvik VM not a complete JVM so you cannot run jar files on it anyway & most netbeans frameworks are composed of jar files which are class libraries