Help migrating from jme to jme3


I have been looking for ways to export from j3o to any standard format. Finally I stumbled upon this code.

However, since nothing must be perfect, this code was made for jme. I have been trying to migrate it to jme3, but being a complete newbie I am having a hard time doing it. Specifically, I am completely lost at what classes replace the old TriMesh, or MaterialState, BlendState and TextureState.

If anyone is willing to help me port this code or point me in the right direction (or even better, provide a fully functional exporter!!) help is greatly appreciate.


I don’t really get what you want, your title suggests you want to import jME2 data to jME3 and your content suggests you want to go from jME2/3 to some other format. At any instance, you can install the jME2 importer in the SDK via Tools->Plugins to import old jME2-style .jme model files.

Ok, I will elaborate.

I have a code that import from a proprietary format to jme3.
Then I have other code that exports from jme to obj.

I want to export from the proprietary format to obj, but as you can see I have a problem since the importer and the exporter work on different formats.

I can either:

Port the code of the importer to jme.

Port the code of the exporter to jme3 (what this post is about).

Write a totally new exporter that translates from the proprietary format to obj (what I want to avoid).

If anything, I would need some code to port from jme3 back to the old jme format.

You know exactly what your problem is, you also know exactly what your options are for solving this problem. So just pick one and go with it. It’s not very likely that someone will volunteer their time to do your work for you.
If you encounter a specific problem along the way, then I’m sure lots of people here will be more than willing to help you.