Help needed building MW3D on linux and mac

Hi all,

We need help in building the MW3D on both linux, and mac. You can contact me, or Vardamir, or tGiant.  We will give help on how to set it up and running from the SVN as much as we can.

Any volunteers ?

Thanks in advance.

I volunteer! I have SuSE and Gentoo versions of Linux available. Also a PPC Powerbook G4 Mac.

Hi duenez ,

Thanks a lot, hopefully its going to be smooth process getting it up.

I will PM you my contact info.

i got monkeyworld to run on mac easy enough…

just rebuilt the project and commented out some os check…

if you want to give me a build to test i'd be more than happy…

Hi ncomp,

Nice to hear that you were able to build it on mac.

if you want to give me a build to test i'd be more than happy...

Its the latest code from the SVN.

Hi all,

ncomp was able to build MW3D on mac system, and it looks great though, we have to first sort some of the bugs that where their in order to make it available for every one, but if any body like to build it from the SVN here are the instructions taken from ncomp.

Check out svn sources for MonkeyWorld3D.

In Eclipse 3.3 (SDK version) go to;

File -> Import -> Import Existing Projects

: browse to the svn checkout directory of MonkeyWorld3D
: select it
: check copy projects into workspace
: import the projects

MonkeyWorld3D Project

Rename bin dir in MonkeyWorld3D to bin2 and create a new dir called bin, svn file locks deletion of this directory.

Open mw3d.product in the Plugin View
: Go to configuration
: Delete the following entries

<plugin id="org.eclipse.core.filesystem.win32.x86"/>
<plugin id="org.eclipse.core.resources.win32"/>
<plugin id="org.eclipse.swt.win32.win32.x86"/>
<plugin id="org.eclipse.ui.win32"/>
<plugin id="org.eclipse.update.core.win32"/>

Click Add Required Plug-Ins to add the eclipse mac plugins

jme-mw3d Project

Add the Mac OS X libs to the libs/required directory. Add the following lines to;


Replace the Bundle-NativeCode entry in META-INF/MANIFEST.MF with the following

Bundle-NativeCode: lib/required/libode.dylib;lib/required/libodejava.jnilib;lib/required/liblwjgl.jnilib;lib/required/libjinput-osx.jnilib;lib/required/openal.dylib;osname="macosx"; processor=x86

Project should build and run ok, go to mw3d.product and export it to test.

Here is a little screen shot on mac.

Tons of thanks ncomp.