Help needed: Go test the latest LWJGL test build for OSX / Java 7

The LWJGL developers have made great progress with their OSX / Java 7 issues, and it appears like they’ve just about fixed the issue entirely. You would be doing both of our projects a great service by testing their experimental build:,4711.msg26292.html#msg26292

This fix is basically what we were waiting for before we could release jMonkeyEngine 3 as Stable. There are some new developments in flux now seeing as we couldn’t keep them on ice any longer (they were originally planned for 3.1), so we can’t promise a release as soon as the fix is in the latest stable LWJGL release, but It Shouldn’t Be Long Now ™.


I’d love to help, gave up before trying to make it work and went back to windows.
My OSX needs a clean tho from all the fragments from last effort months ago.
Question tho, should I use the new jMe SDK bundles with jdk or install them separately using the older methods?

Well you can try with either, the new SDK will run on Java 7 automatically so that might be easier. Still its not meant as a release or anything.

Ok I have a mac with 10.7 and jme3 rc2. What do I need to do to try this out and is there a clean way to go back if it doesn’t work out? Oh and I have mac’s jdk 1.6, I think I installed 7 but netbeans doesn’t see it.