Help of the default keys in keyboard

first I will talk thank to you if you read it.

I need help in my project, i need use a one default key to another function,but I do not know how retire a default function

Did you pass your message through Google Translate or something? I am having a hard time understanding exactly what you mean, so I am making a wild guess here that you want to rebind a default key from say the FlyByCamera?

Here is some code that I use to change the FlyByCamera drag button from the left to the right button:

[java] "FLYCAM_RotateDrag", new MouseButtonTrigger( MouseInput.BUTTON_LEFT ) ); "FLYCAM_RotateDrag", new MouseButtonTrigger( MouseInput.BUTTON_RIGHT ) );


But next time, please elaborate your question, especially if your english is limited. It would give more of a clue as to what you are really looking for. Maybe a bit of code too…

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