Help to install in netbeans 5.5


I'm tryng to install jmonkey in netbeans 5.5 and 6.0, made the chekout like the guide in the site but I can't genarate java doc beucase he said is missing package org.lwjl, what I do?


I guess that the "guide in the site" refers to "Setting up NetBeans to build jME and jME-Physics 2" on the jME wiki - is that correct?

You should first try to update the project from cvs - the NetBeans 5 cvs client sometimes "forgets" to download some files.

If that doesn't help:

Did all the other steps before that one complete without any errors?

When you right click the ant script icon in the NetBeans projects view, can you run the target "doc"?

Take into account that LWJGL is not bundled with source in jME… if you want, you can certainly download LWJGL from their site and make your jME project link to it… otherwise you should just tweak the options of NetBeans javadoc generator to ignore those issues…


how can I link jme to LWJGL, I downloaded the LWJGL 1.4.1 whatever I do not know its works.


I' thinkingo to try jME in eclipse but i never used eclipse its is so much diferent of netbeans?

JJjava said:

I' thinkingo to try jME in eclipse but i never used eclipse its is so much diferent of netbeans?

You can only answer that question yourself. Do you use NetBeans specific keyboard shortcuts a lot? Do you make heavy use of it's refactoring capabilities? Do you make advanced use of the profiler (profiling points etc.)?
If yes, changing to eclipse would mean a lot more effort than just getting your project setup right.
Then again, if you had that much experience with NetBeans, you'd probably have fixed your problems yourself by now. So eclipse might be the better choice, not because it is easier to configure, but because more people are using it - that means that the wiki guide is likely to be better maintained, and asking questions on the forum will yield more answers in shorter time.

I'll download eclipse 3.3 for start, lucky for me…

thanks for help me…