Help With 3DS Example

Hi all,

  I am new to JME but good at java. I viewed the file which shows the export of 3DS file. I wanted this program to be displayed in a JPane or JScrollPane in a bigger program. It could either be done by creating a constructor for or else if anyone of you could help me out by giving an alternative code or explain me how could I make a constructor for this file.

Thank you


Please don't triple post! It is evil, and will make people less inclined to help you.

I don't really understand your question. Being "good at java", you probably don't have trouble adding a specific constructor to a class.

So I'll assume you are looking for a Component to display a jME scene. There are classes for that, just browse the jmetest branch of the source tree and look for JMESwingTest, it's all in there.

I am really sorry for triple posting, I wasn't sure in what category my question would fall into.

Thank you for the help.