Help with a game im developing?

So I’m new to JME, and java in general. The game is basically a character that is attached to an invisible node that moves around and can shoot canon balls. The problem is that the balls shoot from the character location to the direction they are looking. The balls always interact with the invisible “box”, and never shoots forward, but rather just falls down. What do you recommend I do? I need the balls to be physical and interact with the walls and have gravity, but I don’t want them to interact with the physical invisible node.

Not even if they bounce back?

Not sure what you mean, like bouncing off the walls?

Yes, I’m not sure what else I could mean.

Balls roll around. If they hit you after they’ve been rolling around, should they pass right through you also?

I figured it out actually! I wasn’t aware that you could and get individual vectors, so I just made the cannonballs shoot from the top of the player node. Thanks!

If you don’t intent the balls and the character to ever collide you could set different collision groups.
Explained in the docs: Physics Listeners :: jMonkeyEngine Docs