Help with building a standalone game jar/how to make an installer

I'm using Eclipse 3.02, and I have my small demo app building and running great from within the workspace.

The most straightforward way to do this in Eclipse is to extract all the files out of all the jars into some temporary directory.  Then import everything in that temp folder into your project.  Then in your jardesc, tell it to export everything into the single jar file.

The only tricky part is the native libraries.  I've never had much luck convincing the VM to look inside a jar for them.  That's why I ended up using Java Web Start for deploying apps in a user friendly way.  Of course, you havae to have some web space to use it.

Anybody else have any comments on native libs in a jar file?

Bakchuda said:

Anybody else have any comments on native libs in a jar file?

Native libs cannot be loaded from jars, that's right. A workaround is to extract them with your app and put the files in some temporary folder to load them from there...
But I would recommend using WebStart, too. Another clean way would be using an Installer (such as InstallAnyWhere or alike).
When using Webstart or installer it is better to use multiple jars than a single one.

Thanks for the help guys!  I'll start looking into WebStart.