Help with clothing methods

Hi everyone, i’m not really sure what section this belongs in but here goes

I’m creating a player model in blender and i want to know the best method for making

something like a cloth robe or long hair that moves dynamically when the player moves

please go easy im not exactly a blender guru :smiley:

Though I’m sure some people around here will have some idea about this, you definitely ought to ask this question in the Blender community as well.

Well as far as I know jME doesn’t yet support soft body dynamics, as in dynamic hair / cloth. For this at this point I would recommend animating the soft bodies in blender. Although jME is planning on taking over the world, so I wouldn’t be too surprised if this was something in the works after the jME 3 final release :slight_smile:

SoftBodies is coming when physics moves to native bullet, its not included in jbullet. But I’d suggest using bone animation in blender to move it and then play a set of animations based on situation (moving forward, left etc.) in the game. You could also try syncing the bones to physics RigidBodies that you hang in the air attached to a kinematic RigidBody and connected by joints but its probably overkill for such a thing.

Wow :slight_smile: I just thought it was a possibility, with no knowledge of soft body dynamics coming to jME. I think i’ll pass out now. This jME crew is just amazing! I can’t even keep up with all the updates atm lol… /monkey hugz!

thanks for the advice i think i’m going to try just animating the softbodies in blender for now then