Help with examples

I am using JME 1 and im going through the Flag Rush tutorial. All

I am using JME 1 and im going through the Flag Rush tutorial. All

Ahhh Thank you Mindgamer… I never saw any links from CVS, At the start of the flagrush i just copied the source from the html files. Then when the imports werent been shown i downloaded from google SVN. I never saw the CVS. In my first post i got confused between CVS and SVN i got them from SVN not CVS. :smiley:

Where can i get the jme2 jars from on the SVN. when i goto

is there an easier way to download than download each file individually.

Also, Will the flag rush tutorials be finished or is that project dead?

jMe 2.0 jars are not provided atm, i think. You need to use an SVN client to get all the files at once. Basically just:

  1. Download TortoiseSVN and install it (I use this SVN client, so I can only tell you how to use this one)
  2. In windows explorer right click where you want to have the source checked out to and select 'Check out…' from the contecxt menu.
  3. For the repository url enter: ''
  4. Click OK, answer to the question about creating folder and just watch it download.
  5. Once it is all there, set up your project and connect libs

    The flagrush was a tutorial from the go, not a real project. There have been some attempts to continue with the lessons and quite possibly they will be finished one day. No active development is going on ATM. However there is a networked version of flagrush available with JGN. Check the networking forum threads.

Thanks for your help Mindgamer.