Help with input

I am trying to do some time or have an idea of how to make a character move, I used several things I would like something very simple to do go forward, backward, to right and left, as the "InputHandler" of I tried to start a InputHandler himself, basing myself in the articles of the FlagFlush, but has not quite sure, because I need something very simple, because the control is not to be done by the user, but by a system of learning that respects the land and that do not use keys to control only one to navigate the environment, anyone have any idea to help me?

Thank you again to help …

I think the easiest way to move in jME is to use translation

The numbers in the getRotationColumn Stand for the Axis's 0 is X, Y is 1 and Z is 2 however thier all in the positive direction to go in the negative is a simple call to negate

then simply multiply it by the Speed you want typically 1 is to fast try starting at .01 and see were u want it…


For the learning thing I would say do a call hierarchy of Synthetic Button and see what you can pull from their or maybe AIGAMA could help you i'm not quite sure what your looking for...