Help with making a plugin

i am trying to make a plugin, but the authentication is not working, PLEASE HELP!
it might be because my import message is this : " this is an import message… i don’t know what to type here…"

Can you be clearer with what you are trying to do and what is failing.

“make a plugin” is very vague.

what i am trying to do is put my plugin into “”, i put in my password (i followed the link supplied), and it came up with an error saying “Authentication failed”.

u cannot put there, its quite a private
if u need a svn or git repo just setup one in
heras a link to create project:

oh, but it said to put the thing there, on the page on jme for making a plugin.

… it also says that you should contact the developers for access… :slight_smile: What kind of plugin is it?

it is a forester remake. sorry for skipping over that line… you should edit that instruction with a big
/////////MAJOR PART OF THE PROCESS////////////
right above it

so, can i have permission, please?

Okay, you’ve got access now. Sorry about the delay.


how do i get acess again?

I added your gmail to GoogleCode. Now you just gotta follow the wiki’s instructions for submitting a plugin :slight_smile:

is there something i am missing?
do i need a client certificate file?
do i need a passphrase?
because it still is not working.

Maybe this is what you didn’t see?

“When prompted, enter your generated password.

It is a link, click on the link :slight_smile:

If not then I don’t know.

i think i know what the problem is, i used my dads acount for this site, then i got my own google acount later, so you could remove “” and replace it with “

Aaah. Righteyo, done.