Help with MonkeyWorld3d

I love jme so far and I am very interested in MonkeyWorld, but I am getting nothing but bugs from it. I kinda hope Vardamir is on later because of his involvement with the project, but I can't seem to even get it going at all. I am running jme 2.0 and the latest MonkeyWorld (the install for windows). I try to create a blank scene with the spatial creation wizard and it crashes or particles with the particle creation wizard and it just won't let me click finish to get into the world at all. I don't know if i am just being stupid. Do I need to get some plug ins or something, maybe get it running as a plug in from eclipse and not just a stand alone program? I really don't get how it works so if someone who has got it running could help I would appreciate it. Thanks.

echo cozmokramer8. I have the exact same problems with it