Help with myHUD Text

Hey guys, this is the 1st time i’ve posted and i’m rather new to JME3. I’m having problems updating my HUD text using in simpleUpdate- hudText.setText(“Position: 2”); - the code wont build because the symbol hudText is not found, but it is created in simpleInitApp. The text displays if i comment out the line in simpleUpdate, but wont build if it is included. I’m assuming it is because the variable used for the HUDtext is in a different class but i’m having trouble finding the correct place create the HUDtext.

Any help and assistance will be greatly appreciated :smiley:


You need to put it in the class. If you create it in a method it’ll go away once the method is run. Something like this:


public class MyGame extends SimpleApplication {

protected BitmapText hudText; // Declare it here.

public void simpleInit(){

hudText = new BitmapText(blabla,blabla); // Initialize here.


public void simpleUpdate(float tpf){





hudText should show in green then, as it’s a part of the class. Maybe do a search on classes and member variables. And “scope”.

That’s awesome, thanks :slight_smile:

much appreciated help :smiley: