Help with placement of Radio Buttons!

hey there,

i have a problem placing the raidio buttons as where i want them on the window,

i hope its not a problem with editing the style of it,

still i’ll upload the image, and the code below,

defining it, please help me with it!

image of the radio buttons displayed on the corner

the xml code

it is inside a window as per the code, and a window should be placed on the layer, so help me again! (i have my slider’s there, being displayed properly, but not the radio buttons! :s)

[xml]<control id=“window-3” name=“window” title="" width=“400px”

height=“400px” x=“200px” y=“162px” visible=“false” hideOnClose=“false”>

<panel id=“testtest2” childLayout=“absolute”>

<control id=“sliderH” name=“horizontalSlider” height=“30px”

width=“300px” x="-50px" y=“5px” />

<control id=“sliderV” name=“verticalSlider” height=“200px”

width=“30px” x=“5px” y=“0px” />

<control id=“simpleCheckBox” name=“checkbox” x=“50px” y=“50px” />

<control id=“dropdown” name=“dropDown” x=“100px” y=“100px”

height=“20px” width=“200px” />


<control id=“RadioGroup-1” name=“radioButtonGroup” />

<panel childLayout=“horizontal”>

<control name=“label” text=“Radio Buttons” />

<panel id=“paneofradio” childLayout=“vertical”

backgroundColor="#8001" paddingLeft=“7px” paddingRight=“7px”

paddingTop=“4px” paddingBottom=“4px” width=“105px”>


<onActive name=“border” color="#0008" />


<panel childLayout=“horizontal”>

<control name=“label” text=“Option 1” with=“60px” />

<control name=“radioButton” id=“option-1” group=“RadioGroup-1” />


<panel childLayout=“horizontal”>

<control name=“label” text=“Option 2” with=“60px” />

<control name=“radioButton” id=“option-2” group=“RadioGroup-1” />


<panel childLayout=“horizontal”>

<control name=“label” text=“Option 3” with=“60px” />

<control name=“radioButton” id=“option-3” group=“RadioGroup-1” />


<panel childLayout=“horizontal”>

<control name=“label” text=“Option 4” with=“60px” />

<control name=“radioButton” id=“option-4” group=“RadioGroup-1” />





changed style file

[xml]<?xml version=“1.0” encoding=“UTF-8”?>


<style id=“nifty-radiobutton-style#panel”>

<attributes width=“23px” height=“23px” childLayout=“center”

focusable=“true” visibleToMouse=“true” />


<style id=“nifty-radiobutton-style#select”>

<attributes childLayout=“overlay” align=“center” valign=“center”

width=“12px” height=“12px” filename=“interface/style/radiobutton/radio.normal.png”

visibleToMouse=“true” />

<effect overlay=“true”>

<onCustom customKey=“show” name=“imageOverlay”


width=“12px” height=“12px” post=“true” neverStopRendering=“true” />

<onCustom customKey=“hide” name=“fade” start="#f" end="#0"

length=“350” post=“true” />

<onCustom customKey=“hide” name=“imageOverlay”


width=“12px” height=“12px” post=“true” length=“350” />





What happens if you replace [xml]<panel childLayout=“horizontal”>[/xml] with [xml]<panel childLayout=“absolute”>[/xml]?

Or resize the radio buttons panel and add align=“center” valign=“center” attributes.