Help with running my project as a jar, and FatJar

I just want to first point out that this project I am going to be talking about works just fine in eclipse.

Ok. so, I decided I wanted to make a little networked  game and distribute it to all of my friends for some network testing. I thought it would be just as simple as right clicking on my file and exporting it as an executable .jar. Apparently, I was wrong.

The .jar file doesn't even run app.start (for whatever reason)

After some searching on this forum it became apparent to me that the likely cause of my problem was that the exportation of my project was missing some native files or librarys of something.

So, I decided to install FatJar to package up my client correctly. However, after exporting with some pretty default setting, it still doesnt run the app.start() so I am still missing something.

Honestly, I have no idea what I am doing with this fatjar program but I want to learn and be able to export my own projects correctly so that the run properly.

My question is, does anyone know of any tutorials which export a fatjar with JME and make it run with the native libraries for stuff like lwjgl and swt?

I would really appreciate the help, and if there are any easier ways I would really appreciate it.

EDIT:: this post

helped me out alot. So it runs now, but it kind of feels like a half-ass job because i have like 30 native files (for all the operating systems) in this same folder as my game. I guess a solution to this would be to turn it into an .exe or something correct?