Help with SimplePassGame

Hiya everyone,

I'm currently building a game using SimplePassGame because I'm using FengGUI and I need to give it it's own rendering pass (for transparency reasons). I have two questions relating to this "Game" class.

  1. Is there anyway I can control the framerate using this class? I know there are custom Game classes that do it ("fixed logical rate", etc), but I really need to stick to the SimplePassGame for FengGUI.

  2. SimplePassGame comes with a bunch of keybindings already set up. I've managed to disable the mouse handlers using "input.setEnabled(false);", but how do I disable the key handlers.



Should I take a look at the code in SimplePassGame  and FixedLogicalRateGame and try to write my own implementation of game?


Actually, should this question be in the General section?


I think what you might want to do is merge SimplePassGame and FixedLogicalRateGame from SimpleGame (or StandardGame?) and call it AdenauGame or something  ;)! Better yet, if you don't want the default input handlers, perhaps the best would be to extend from BaseGame.

Great idea. I downloaded the JME source code and build my own CustomGame. It worked like a charm.