Help with smoothing problem


can anybody please tell me why my models are not smooth, but rather flat shaded? I know this is a really noob question, but well I hope someone can tell me what I need to change to get this smooth shaded in JMP.

I have no idea if it is because the normals are wrong or if some material settings needs to be changed/added or if I need to do something different when exporting from Blender.

I created this model in ZBrush, exported as OBJ, imported in Blender 2.49 and then exported as Ogre Xml format in order to be able to import into JME3.


wow, how do I put a picture in the message?

jME3 supports .obj import. Have you tried loading the .obj file instead of the OgreXML export?

Just checking, did you put the mesh shading to smooth in blender? Considering you just use it as export facility you may have missed that :wink:

Open (import?) your file in Blender



“Set Smooth”


Auto smooth doesn’t do anything relevant so you’ll have to do a lot more work if you want smoothing groups.

Awesome, thanks everyone. The “Set Smooth” thing did it. Quite silly of me really :slight_smile:

@Erlend: I have tried importing Obj as you suggested, but get this error when trying to convert it to j3o:

Trying to save asset that have not been loaded before or does not support saving!

Could nog allocate saved file.

Any idea why it is doing that?