Help with SVN Builds

So I am browsing through the javadocs and find this awesome class called BetterCharacterControl. Turns out I didn’t have it so I thought to update my jme3. I go into tool -> plugins -> setttings and enable nightly builds and hit update. It updated my sdk but I guess I need the svn builds. Is there any automatic way to download (and compile) the latest nightly svn build?

You only need the nightly builds really. Are you sure you cannot access that class? Did you change the jme3 ant library entries at some point? Also be warned, that “breaks” thing is not a joke. If you start a game with nightly and it becomes incompatible later… I warned you :wink:

Ok, I have the latest nightly updates for the sdk. I am sure I don’t have the class else it would let me import it. (or declare it with import com.jme3.bullet.control.BetterCharacterControl) I haven’t toughed the jme3 ant library entries. Though maybe I just need to compile the jme3 from the svn to get it but I would prefer if the sdk could just update itself.

If the update worked and your project isn’t referencing jar files directly then it should pick up the new classes.

Oh well, I just decided to compile the sources from svn so I am good now.