Help with viewing far away objects

Hi there,

I want to display objects that are extremly far away from the camera. I feel its about modifying the far frustum of the viewport camera however the results are not really showing anything as changing (except if i lower the far frustum so low that the hello world box disappears!)

Im using SimpleApp class

Im using JM3

The sort of distance im talking about here is x,y,z coridinates as follows…

X: -15057 Y: -1398 Z: 11002

X: -15101 Y: -118 Z: -11264

X: -15229 Y: 14473 Z: 3384

X: -15354 Y: 10632 Z: 5033

X: -15471 Y: 4743 Z: -877

X: -15829 Y: 13188 Z: 13747

X: -16087 Y: -13182 Z: 6220

Ive represented these coordinates with a simple box of random colour

Anyone got ideas on this?

Thanks everyone


your box might e less than one pixel

The default far value is 1000.

According to those coordinates you have an approximative amplitude of 35k

So i f you want to see the whole scene from one point to another you need to set the frustum far of the cam to 35k.

In your simpleInitApp do :


thanks nehon… im now away from my desk for 2 weeks so i cant test your suggestion yet however what i did though was to set the farfrustum to 900,000 in the hopes of seeing something… Do you know if my value be outside the legal bounds and therefore got rejected?

Will try 35,000 when i get back. ta.

Good point empire… i was making boxes of 1,1,1 size at those locations… maybe i need to make them bigger to be seen as well??

There are no “out of bounds” values for the frustum near and far values. However you are expected to have objects of appropriate size as well. It would make no sense having a far plane at 35,000 if your objects are 1x1x1…

thanks ppls… you’re advice has been very helpful to this 3d newbie;)