i am new here. I like jme, so i started to use it some time ago.

I am running on win 7 pro 64 bit. Geforce 9800 GT 515mb

Using alpha 3 and jmp.

But problem. When it starts, my simple app with blue cube works on 8 fps :frowning:

When i close jmp and run it from jar, no problem. It seems that when scene viewer is running, my app renders super slow.

The same problem running jme tests from nightbuild for example. When jmp runns, all stuff renders very slow.

But some time ago i used vista i alpa 2 and didnt have this problem.

And some times sceneviewer says framebuffer not supported format, but after some jmp restarts runs ok.

Anyone stuck with similar problem or may be know solution or workaround?

Thanks in advance

You have the latest drivers for the graphics card installed I suppose? Never heard of this “slowness” before…

I didn’t know scene viewer used framebuffers? I thought it was just for viewing.

I guess its the shader of the planet?

Nope it doesn’t, just classic material

But maybe Nifty, isn’t it?

i closed planet just back space and 30 fps when enabling info. strage. somehow my computer cant handle two renders. Resurces may be are allocated to one render, so when i start my application -it wokrs very slow.