Here is my game (actually, it is RC flight simulator)

This is my RC Flight Simulator that is written in Java and Jme (and Xith3d):

Just ported my flight sim from Xith3d to Jme. Version 4.70 (on the webisite) can run with

Looks fun! I'll have to try it out this week.

wow that looks great. very neat flight dynamics!

Videos were awesome but I was holding out for an awesome crash. :slight_smile:

BTW, where are the weapon mounts on those things?  :stuck_out_tongue:

This is manly remote control flight simulator and my effort concentrated into creating proper flight physics so the models fly like real RC planes and helicopters. The program is a specialized learning tool and not targeted as a game with specific shooting missions in mind. I may

I think it would be awesome…what does happen if you crash though?

If you crash, the model tumbles and the sim resets to model in initial position, ready for next flight.

No explosions or anything?  :-o

Oh well, I guess the audience you are going for would probably prefer it your way, but I see a lot of potential for exploding models with weaponry on them when I watch those demos. :wink:

Joking aside, you've done a great job…it looks very realistic.

Lots of fun!  I suck at actually flying it, but other than that…  :)  Using my logitech controller to fly made things a lot more interesting too.

Edit: I get 100 fps in the jme implementation and 150 in the xith implementation of your app.  I noticed you use the jme scenegraph for both implementations?  Anyhow, for what's going on on screen (panoramic texture + one model and some particles) that framerate seems pretty low…  My guess is because it was a port?  I'll bet an optimization pass would help.

Damnit, just as impossible for me to control in real life!!

Sigh, at least when I crash these ones the owner doesn't freak out and start balling that I demolished there hundred dollar plane.