Hey cool new forum lol


Trying to get the theme back, or images back rather. They changed the way themes are done, and the old theme is gone.

It looks like the LWJGL forum now.

this looks good~ but the old one is good too lol :smiley:

you need to change the colors of the links, they are hard to read(similar color to the background)…my eyes hurt



I leave for 12 hours and everything gets shiney and new!

I liked the previous theme better, now my eyes are bleeding :slight_smile:

Hm, I see no difference other than the title-bar…

I like it, but, the title color combination isnt very good. May it be only me, but i hardly can read white on light gray

Looks fine but feathering on the right upper corner logo texts is not too good.

And forum feels snappier  :wink: