Hey Guys!

If you were around last fall, you may have seen me show up, ask a ton of questions with varying degrees of politeness, and then run off into the void never to be seen or heard from since. To tell the truth, I had a couple of uni classes that involved using JME, and after I wrapped those up I was so burned out I barely looked at code outside of my 9-to-5 for several months. I’m doing a lot better now, and I’ve started on a game project using this engine that I think will be really interesting once I get it up and running! I’ll probably be around some in the coming weeks both to get some help with making sure I’m following a sane workflow and offer any advice I may happen to have - I may not have become an expert in those months last year, but I think I internalized a lot about how it’s intended to function. Just wanted to pop by and say hello, maybe talk a little about what I’m working on and see whether there’s general interest (talking about projects is always a good way to work up the motivation to actually work on them!) as well as see the cool stuff the community’s gotten up to this year. Stay classy!


Welcome back. Here’s hoping you get to a point where game development refills the “burnout” tank instead of further emptying it.

For me, the harder week I have at the 9-5, the more I look forward to working on my game… but it took a while to get there.

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For sure, for sure. The last couple of weeks of uni were really just like having another full time job on top of the one that actually paid the bills, and JME was practically the entire thing up until I had to present to the class. Hard work, but I actually made a lot of utility resources that I’ve been able to pull back in on my new project with minimal additional effort, so that’s been handy!

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Just to avoid next burnout cause of bad start:

  • use Gradle(there is template on JME start page or wiki or githubs)
  • use GLTF or FBX
  • use any IDE you like
  • use Blender 3+ (you can even use it as map editor lol)
  • use ECS

and programming game will be more fun and clean.

and dont make it too big, limit yourself ofc :slight_smile: avoid the burnout.

Yeah, last time I was around the JME3 SDK’s built-in Gradle template had… some issues. They’ve since been resolved, though, and Netbeans is as good an IDE as any for me personally (as someone who mostly programs in gedit and compiles/tests from command line).

I’m not familiar with ECS in this context, though.