hhexen is the working title of my current project. a prototype/demo/showcase will be released around 19:00 pm (gmt+1), sunday 5th august.

the goal is to provide a little game to mess around and kill some bad guys using models and textures found via google (mainly jheretic resourcepack models so far) to show the gameplay style. like in survival style games, enemies and powerups will randomly appear until the player is dead.

planned features:

  • 1 weapon, showing the powerup/levelup concept for weapons (similar to secret of mana/diablo)
  • 1 outdoor map. maybe i'll add some trees, plants and stuff to make it less boring.
  • 2 items (mana, health)
  • 1 or 2 enemies (air & ground)

    current state:


    basic landscape rendering is done, simple items are done, the default weapon is done (can fire already), enemy is missing, character stats and levelups are missing

looks interesting.


looks like fun? it isn't. the weapon sucks. it's a pretty little pew pew and stands no chance against the horde of monsters.

next things to add:


(magical) explosions (from the projectiles that the magic staff is firing)

a flying monster



performance (20 fps on a core2duo@3.5ghz & 8800gtx… is rather lame)

yay, more fights!


yes, the axes get stuck in the ground when they are thrown into it. pretty cool feature. actually, i've never seen it in a game. the little blue things are the players projectiles. the same rule applies to them. they'll be collectable as can be used as a weapon.

blood inside


that's really cool…

a few more screenshots:


i still need some slav…people to help with models :slight_smile:

3 more little screenshots

Not sure about the little part of the screen shots, but definitely cool ones… Keep it up  ;).

the latest improvement is something i cannot show with a screenshot… i've managed to boost the performance to "playable" while fighting against 200 enemies at a time (yourkit profiler ftw!). factions and quests are already implemented (the code part). we'll (yes, i am not alone anymore) now focus on the first few quests to give EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU a playable demo.

Hurray! whats your deadline?  :stuck_out_tongue:

1 level demo: end of the year.

it should contain:

  1. a quest with some subquests. you travel to a small village, encounter a plague-like desease, start to collect intgredients for a cure and finally fight the big bad mage behind it.
  2. levelups for the actor, the enemies, and all items. yes, the items can get xp as well :D. kill a big one, steal his powered up weapon, and you get all the advantages of the xp the big guy gathered.
  3. more intelligent enemies than in … lots of other games, especially doom. they try not to be hit instead of ignoring projectiles.

    final game: 1 day after duke nukem forever is released

just some fog

Momoko_Fan said:

[...], also you might want to work on the artwork there, especially the trees and terrain.

C'mon! The guy said it's just a little game with basic terrain and free models from the internet to show off some gameplay..

Unless you're volunteering of course :)

Just some fog? More like some awesome fog!

volumetric fog, powered by jme’s fancy particles. i also made a cool fireball with them which looks like a “fluctuating plasma ball which kind of looks like a micro-sun”

this one has still to actually emit some light^^

That fog rocks, has my got head spawning all sorts of ideas about fog now…

how did you replicate the fog in diff places - was it the same particle generator or multiple

in the fog, there are 8 mushrooms which are running away from the player and trying to avoid all shots. i chased them a bit. the mushrooms are enchanted, so i wanted them to emit some little blue particles while moving to show the player that some wizardry is going on. then i got bored and played around with the settings and created the fog.

the mushrooms behave like a flock - walk in the middle and you'll split them up, go on and they'll regroup behind you. the result is the fog you see. could have been created by a single moving emitter.


If I hadn't seen the screenshot I wouldn't have believed the story…

Wow, Magic Mushrooms

Strangely, it reminds me of www.badgerbadgerbadger.com



so peaceful… :slight_smile: