Hi everyone, how’s JME been?

Hi everybody, I haven’t been to this forum in almost 3 years, I barely recognize the place :slight_smile:

just wanted to say hi, I doubt anyone remembers me. I made a foosball and bowling game and probably some other crap while learning how to program and JME was an obsession for awhile there.

anyhow, I haven’t written a single line of code since I left and now I want to get back to programming w/ JME and just wanted to say hi and get ready for me to ask some dumb questions as I dont remember sh*t about coding :slight_smile:

edit: I’m not sure why, but the only option was to post this in “troubleshooting, sound” and my smilies are monkey for some reason.

Welcome; glad to hear you found the way back! If you’ve been gone for 3 years, you’re in for some drastic change all right. jMonkeyEngine 3 is where it’s at now, he he.

About the weird posting, that’s a bit of a interface problem we have on the site at the moment. If you navigate via our ‘Forums’ tab (under the big jMonkeyEngine.org header) you can jump directly to any of our boards, and you can post in any of them. Only once you’ve posted in a board can you post to it from the index. Yeh, it’s weird, and definitely subject to change.