Hi i have a problem to install the jMoney Engine

hi guys ^^

pls help me

i saw a instruction on this site


but i cant fnd the Download link for the Programms/data to set this Engine up :smiley: :? :?


so i hope someone here can help me.

PS: i used the GOOGLe search but , i found 300.000 entris for one think :smiley:

i dont know what is the one that i need)

i hope you can help me i need these thinks :

Java Compiler and Runtime Environment

CVS Source Code Control Utility

Ant Build System

LWJGL OpenGL/OpenAL Game Library


jME Source Code


I think you have the right page there, but personally I haven’t tried doing it that way :slight_smile: You might want to try using eclipse, since (in my humble opinion) it makes things a lot easier. The instructions are at http://www.jmonkeyengine.com/wiki/doku.php?id=setting_up_eclipse_to_build_jme. Oddly enough they don’t tell you where to get and install eclipse - go to eclipse.org, download the most obvious thing (big yellow download button on main page, then the link  “Eclipse SDK 3.2.2” (or a higher version if it is updated). Make sure you also have Java installed, then unzip the eclipse zip, and run the eclipse exe.

If you don’t want to use eclipse, then I think you just need to look through the page you linked again, if you check each of the sections you can find links to where to download what you need. LWJGL and JInput will be downloaded from CVS when you get to that point, along with the jME source code. There is a fair bit more work to do that way as opposed to using eclipse, but it should all be fine if you follow each of the many stages patiently :wink:

Good luck, and have fun :slight_smile:

thank you for your Help.

(but where can i get Java :???

another Questen ^^

iam just 17 and i try to make an own MMO RPG like WoW or Silkroad :smiley:

can i make one that you can really play online ? over MSQL server or something ?xD

i had many game server like Kalonline private server and WOw linage …

im really pissed of these game just stupid story and allways the same Kill monster here and there Quest is in this games only a word for Kill monster wait till they drop bring back^^

iam not sure if i can do this i have no expirence with Programming a game :smiley:

sry for my bad english…

java.com Actually for the JDK (which is what you probably need) java.sun.com as it says in the instructions :smiley:

It might be best to start with something simpler than an MMORPG?

give me a download link pls :frowning:

^^i found 6u1

is this ok?

and yes i start with an other game typ.

(lucky me)^^

i installt this version and now i can start eclipse Jipii^^.


yes :wink:

WOW it works ^^ now i set up eclipse^^

i hve  a questen in this toturial you gave me .

at  Step 7: In the

Zarakai said:

(but where can i get Java :?????

If you really don't even know where to download Java I'd suggest you learn general Java programming before trying to build a game with jME.

Games in general are hard to program (more so than many other types of applications anyways) and jME is a fairly advanced library which adds a whole bunch of extra complication to writing a Java program (although it makes writing games easier if you already know Java).

Here's a link to Suns Java tutorial:

Java Tutorial - Getting Started