Hi i have a Questen aboutthe MonkeyWorld3D Version 2.0

hi MonkeyEngine user


zarakai, if i understand you correctly you want your "level" to be smaller.

if i'm right: the world in the editor is always so big and you can't make it smaller. if for example you want to have only a small room, you would have to define that small room in the big space, and in your program you wouldn't let the user leave the room.

if you meant something else, ignore my post. :expressionless:

i'm not too familiar with MW3D. i only play around with new releases.

there are many ways to create a level (not only using MW3D: you can create objects in your program and/or import models).

i suggest you take a look at the jme tutorials in the wiki (the code is in CVS - and in the nightly build's zipped source, i suppose)

thx for your answer but i think your add the wrong "Subject"

you sad ( i'm not too familiar with MW3D)

so why you answer my questen i sad i have a progblem with this programm and you dont know how to

handle it -.

but allso i think other Programms are much difficulty then  MW3D

well if i cant fin the answer i will do this what you sad to me and find another programm.

hmm can you give me a name of the programm i can use ? pls

iam new here :wink:

Too…many…emoticons…can't…see…question!  :-o

i give up

sorry  :frowning:

Ok guys i will make it easy now , to answer the Questens :smiley:

1 :  first i wont to change my Level size how do i do this ? :?

2: i have 300-400 Fps in the programm. this means , i cant work with it like this because my PC cant work with 400- 500

Fps. so can someone tell me pls how to change my FPS (frames per second) in the Programm MonkeyWorld V.2.

3 Thank you very much for all Help!! :lol:

mw3d is still experimental i.e. its NOT USABLE for actual level design, yet, you might be better off with the spatial editor V4, but that's not a level editor in a true sense either. If you're playing fine but I suspect you'll be asking about loading levels in jme after…you'll be out of luck.

just a heads up

thank you , but where can i get spatial editor V4 ?

pls write an download link thank you …