Hi’ new to jme. seeking programmers for survival horror project

hello everyone, my name anthony. i am a hobbyist 3d designer, not a programmer. and I am completely new to jmonkey. installed and played around with the jm3 build and i was pretty LOST! from what I’ve seen of this engine, it looks nice. i was working with unity3d engine for a while and it was pretty straight forward and artist friendly but I’ve moved on to the android platform for new opportunities.

Do I need programming skills to generate terrain in jme3? are there any good video tutorials on how to use the jme terrain tools? I have a game project I’d like to bring to android. i am a artist so i mainly do the concept art and 3d modeling/texture/animation in blender 3d. As an 3d artist i am interested in collaborating with some java/jme3 programmers on a unique survival horror rpg project.

Has anyone gotten jme3 to run on a android device like droid x other devices?

I hope to post some concept art soon.



Try keep up with the newest activity on the Android board. It’s still in the testing phase though, so it does require some coding knowledge to set up.

As for terrain, at this point some programming skills would greatly help you mold your terrain to your exact liking, yeah. In other words, you would be much better off molding a prototype in Blender to communicate your ideas through. Now, as long as you’re good at making optimized assets, I don’t see why Blender couldn’t just be used as the level editor from the start. If I turn out to be wrong, your best bet I’d say is between Fracplanet used by this spaceship demo, or wait around for this low-memory terrain to be merged into TerraMonkey.

erlend, thanks. nice little community here. due to my lack of programming skill set. i may have to stick to uinity as my preferred game engine. I would love to do a web browser game that can be played on pc/mac and apple/android tablets. that way anyone could play my game.

Depending on the size of your world, the current terrain system (higher-memory) can be used on android. There are also editing tools for it now in JMP’s terrain editor. Just height modification tools right now, but painting tools are coming shortly.

i think like erlend said, blender is prob the my best terrain/map editor for android. so my first step is to build some textured terrain and objects in blender export into jme and then get jme to run on my droid x in debug mode somehow? this sounds awfully fun and very difficult all at the same time. What is jmp btw? since i’m working with a droid x device (1.4 ghz oc, 512mb with dedicated power vr sgx 530 gpu, what would be the max textured polygons,lights,shadows on screen i can get away with if my goal was to keep above 30fps? i’m aiming for a 400mb game.

looks like we are getting a special holiday present on the dec 23! just a couple days away android will get the unreal engine 3 game, “Dungeon Defense” on the android market!! this game will be the definitive tech demo for android and will lure other big developers to the little green robot. we will really see what our little android devices can do. I can’t wait for it, this game looks amazing! with EA games and now this unreal engine powered game it looks like aaa developers are slowly opening up to android. the android install base is growing and growing everyday.

“what would be the max textured polygons,lights,shadows on screen i can get away with if my goal was to keep above 30fps?”

Difficult to say since I don’t owe an android device, or better, you can’t tell how much a light will consume until you try it :wink:

On my PC it’s a lot. jME3 is really fast. My opinion, your project won’t hit the limit mark on your kind of android. Unless you use things like SSAO and Anti-Aliasing x16! In this case, god save us all!

I’m developing my own survival shooter and I’m releasing a new version till December the 24. Test it! If android can handle it, you have nothing to fear!

dp, yeah i guess i need to get a build up and running on android is the best way to see what kind of fps i can out of my droidx. the thing is unity 3(free version) just came out and it’s very impressive! looks equal to unreal 3 engine and is cross platform with pc/mac. web browser games are getting getter better every day. as much as a love android, the web browser is my second favorite platform. there is not many hardcore browser games right now… maybe i can help change that :smiley:

I’d like to hear more about your survival horror game can you please post some screens and or a video?


There you find any news :wink:

Today or tomorrow I release a new version

nice project. hard to tell much from one screen shot but looks promising :slight_smile: looking forward to playing it. are you submitting on android market? there are some games getting 250,000 downloads @ a $3 a pop on market! the android user base is exploding right now.

keep up the good work man.

Not planned, but why not? Does android support network?

If not, players will be “alone in the dark” and bored like hell.

yup. android supports networking. but you need some touch control ui since most android users use a touch screen device.